We have twelve editors on our staff, allowing us to make decisions on new submissions in a timely manner. At least four editors review each and every submission, and make a decision about whether or not we consider the story publishable, and if it meets our needs. Our editors come from different backgrounds and countries, and have their own personal likes and dislikes. This helps us publish a wide variety of stories. You can read more about each editor - as well as our other staff members - below, including their preferences when it comes to new submissions.


I was born in Duluth, MN, raised in and around Atlanta, GA and have lived in CA and NE. I currently live in Ohio with my children while my husband is deployed to Korea. I am a full time mother, editor and writer who enjoys all aspects of the written word.

I started this magazine due to a lack of markets for flash fiction. Writing extremely short fiction is a difficult task, and I applaud everyone who excels at it.

What Jennifer likes in a story: I like stories that spark wonder or laughter. Sad stories that evoke tears. Stories that make me think. Anything well-written stands a chance, and anything with a good plot, as well. To really catch my eye, though, a story has to be unique. It has to be memorable.


I live in central Alberta, Canada with my husband and daughters. With winter seven months long, most of my free time is devoted to reading and writing. Summer is when I get to play in my yard so the time is more restricted.

What Elizabeth likes in a story: I don't like a "you" story in that format. I do like a story, defined by having a beginning, a middle and an ending. Most of all, I like a good opening hook, followed by a well thought out plot, culminating with a twist ending that I couldn't anticipate. I love surprises.

I would like to see more variety of stories. Anything remotely Mills and Boonish will send me into a comatose state, though. Basically, I want a well constructed - and proof read - story irrespective of genre.


I currently live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with my wife and a moonstruck cat by the name of Prophet. I tend to write mostly fantasy of the dark and/or contemporary variety, but if my muse happens to wander off into other genres, I'm perfectly happy to follow. My stories and poems have appeared in a variety of places, both on-line and in print. If I'm not writing, I can usually be found reading, taking photographs, or hanging out in my local pool hall.

What Kurt likes in a story: I enjoy well-written stories in all genres, but generally favor stories that contain a fantastical element and invoke a strong sense of wonder. I place a great deal of value on originality and imagination, and have a soft spot for stories that capture the magic and innocence of childhood but are actually written for an adult audience. As for dark fiction, I'm partial to moody and atmospheric pieces.


S.C. Wade was born in June of 1986 to Clayton and Sharon Wade. He has been writing since his birthplace of Newark, New Jersey, all the way to his current location of eastern Pennsylvania. His dream as an author is to write believable, relevant, and entertaining fiction that readers will appreciate.

What S. C. likes in a story: I am a lover of stories that focuses on characters and gets me inside their heads - their motivations, their reasoning, their perspectives. More than that, I am drawn to stories that have depth. Some substance. A moral. I like stories that say something. I like surprises in my fiction. Genre makes no real difference to me (though I never got into horror), but I do enjoy mainstream and science fiction the most. I do read some fantasy. With all of that said, I also want to be engaged; I like being sucked into the story and arrive at the end before I know it.


I live in New England with my wonderful fiancé. I’m a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Massachusetts, a halfway decent cook, and a novice fiction writer. My career in literature is a few months old and consists of only a handful of stories; mostly flash fiction, which is a wonderful creative outlet. Currently, I’m focusing on flash while I figure out the mechanics of longer stories, but I suspect I’ll still be writing short fiction for a long time due to the sheer joy of it.

What Nicholas likes in a story: I’m a fan of any story that’s slightly to the left of reality. This means science fiction and fantasy, certainly, but also any tale in which an aspect of the world functions differently or (even better) breaks down. A really fantastic story removes a cog from the machinery of the world, smashes it and watches the sparks fly as the world grinds on. A character on the edge of catastrophe is not nearly as interesting to me as one who is already caught in the gears, or has already been pulled through them.

I have a strange love of the words themselves. A humdrum story can be brought in tune by inserting one marvelous word, and twisting it at just the right moment.


I live in the Charleston, SC area with my wife and four children. We are recent transplants from the Buffalo, NY area, where I was born and bred (the only place to get a decent chicken wing or beef on weck). I am a business owner, teacher, and writer, with a few short stories and several articles published. I've been reading voraciously and writing sporadically since elementary school, and will continue to do so until my eyeballs fall out.

What Don likes in a story: I am a dyed-in-the-wool speculative fiction fan, and love a good space romp, sinister manifestation, or magical kingdom. I enjoy having my mind led down the garden path, only to have it yanked elsewhere, unexpectedly. My preferences do not lie solely in the realm of the unexpected, however, as I've found that a great story is great even if it's about cute bunnies and butterflies (blech!). Catch my interest in the first few lines, make me care about what's happening, and then take me someplace; do this and you've won a fan. Make me laugh, cry, quake, or howl in rage and I'll pitch a tent in your backyard, waiting for more, until the restraining order is issued.


I’m a stay-at-home-mom with a passion for writing.

What Jannette likes in a story: Sci-fi, fantasy and the supernatural interest me. I love stories that delve into the darker side of life, that weave tales about things that go bump in the night, or stretch the imagination with the unknown. Words can paint pictures within our minds, and I love the fact we can lose ourselves in their vastness. I don’t like horror in any shape or form, as I prefer to sleep at night.


I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband, a spoiled sun conure, and a cat named Caprica who causes more trouble than her cylon namesake. I am a freelance writer/editor, a dance instructor, a self-professed bibliophile, and a perpetual student. While I typically write YA/adult fantasy fiction, I love all things mythological, language-related, or pertaining to ancient history! As such, I'm often found at a local café with a book in one hand and pen in the other, sitting at a table covered in coffee-stained papers.

What Faith likes in a story: I love stories that whisk me away from the mundane and evoke a sense of wonder. Rule-driven worlds, actions with real consequences, and challenging themes will keep me reading, but rich & well-rounded characters will make me fall in love. Regardless of the genre, I want to connect with the main characters and feel what they feel, losing myself in the narrative by stepping into their shoes.


I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and two children. I'm also staff to two self-important cats. I typically write Young Adult fantasy/science fiction, but I enjoy all genres. I majored in English literature because reading and writing to earn a degree sounded fun. And it was.

What Kendra likes in a story: First and foremost--a good twist. Short stories with an "ah-ha" moment at the end are my favorites. I love anything with beautiful imagery, snappy/realistic dialog, or prose that makes me feel strong emotion. I'm partial to stories that take me to another realm, universe, or existence. Honestly, good writing always excites me, no matter the genre or subject matter.


I was born in Orlando, Florida and now reside in East Tennessee with my loving fianci. Aside from writing, I am also a musician and painter. I typically write quite a bit of fantasy and on the side, a little poetry. My writing style is mostly geared towards the darker side of the spectrum, but I've been known to drift outside of my comfort zone when I feel there's a good story to be told.

What Adam likes in a story: I want to be hooked from the first paragraph. This is very important, especially with short fiction. A well-crafted story needs to grab the reader from the beginning and keep them enthralled until the journey comes to a close. I prefer fantasy and dark fiction, but I love stories that span all genres. Believable dialog and rich character development are essential. If a writer truly connects with what he or she is putting down on paper, the end product will reflect that. I always look for that connection when reading a new story.


I used to be a physicist, but got better. Now I write marketing websites for an international software company (which is a bit like writing poetry). The first half of my life was spent in Texas; I now live in central Illinois, where I write fantasy and run the Champaign-Urbana Writers Group.

What Elizabeth likes in a story: I love stories with strong plots and characters I can empathize with. While I love happy endings, it's the tragedies that stay with me.


I currently live in El Paso, Texas with my husband who is in the service. We both grew up in a small town named Mayville, Michigan but the military moves you to different places. I have always loved to read so it was only a matter of time before I started writing. I am working on multiple novels and countless flash/short stories trying to see them get published.

What Sara likes in a story: I like all kinds, but my favorites are fantasy (with anything magical elements) Science Fiction (hardcore/light are both good) or anything with a strong mysterious female who isn't there to shock/torment the effect for another character. Humor is always a plus for any genre.


I live in Edmonton, Canada, where I work as a research assistant in an historical planning consultancy. When I'm not thinking about log cabins and 1950's bungalows, I'm occupied with water shortages, gene patents, faerie tales, and cute puppies. My short stories have been published in a few magazines and anthologies.


I am a senior at Vassar College, graduating with a double major in Japanese and History. I currently live in New York, though my heart is always with the Rocky Mountains and Denver, CO, where I was born and raised. I am a novice fiction writer with many flash fiction stories and a few novels-in-progress, and I love to read anything that leaves me with the sense that there is still magic, wonder, and romance in the world, in whatever form they happen to take.


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, went to college in Duluth Minnesota where I received a bachelor's in Studio Art and a minor in Art History. I just got married and live in Omaha. I love to paint and travel. When I read, I need something that keeps me interested the whole way through or I'll put it down without guilt. I like fantasy stories or anything that makes me laugh.


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